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”We had a lovely, restful stay at Bayview Cottage. We appreciated its condition and the obvious care that has gone into its upkeep. It really was a perfect vacation -- an uninterrupted seascape, miles of beach to walk and sunsets over Provincetown! We look forward to returning next summer.” guest from California

“The cottage. The location. The beach. Everything is so beautiful, it will be our 1st vacation destination for years to come” guest from Western Massachusetts

“Upon arrival I first went out back to look at the bay, when I turned back toward our cabin I remember thinking, I can't believe it, it looks even better than the photos! The ocean breeze was fabulous. The ocean waves lulled me to sleep each night. The sunsets were spectacular.” Guest from Arizona

“I can honestly say that coming "home" to our vacation rental has never been better. Our family has been coming to the same place for over 40 years now and these last 2 years have been the best. The cottages are directly on the beach, the accommodations are awesome, including updated furniture/flooring/appliances, etc. and the beds are more comfortable than my own. There's nothing like waking up to the ocean breeze in your bedroom window. The porches are awesome and the view is breath-taking” guest from Connecticut

“We have vacationed at a few cottages on Shore Road in No. Truro over the past 20 years. My husband, two daughters, my 3 yr. old grandson, and I, stayed at the Cape Cod Beach Cottages last year for the 1st time. This is without a doubt the best place we have stayed at. It was well kept up, clean, and inviting, and the closeness of the beach was a definite plus with my then 2 year old grandson.” Guest from Connecticut

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